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Central supervision system


  The central supervision system is connected to every component of Novair oxygen generators and provides a complete vision of the station status. It ensures the unit monitoring, alarm reporting and can be directly managed via the Internet or the computer network of the healthcare facility.

Its recording and historisation capacities ensure a complete traceability of the quality of oxygen produced.

   Dynamic synoptic

The dynamic synoptic provides an instant information of each oxygen production unit device status, as well as an indication of the oxygen pressure and quality :
  • Generators status
  • Air compressors status
  • Automatic inversion system status
  • Pressure levels
  • Room temperature
  • Output oxygen concentration
  • CO, CO2 and hygrometry
  • Oxygen flow


We design specific dynamic synoptics for each of our clients 


Continuous registration 

All operating parameters are continuously registered on a SD card, checkable off site. Data can be easily extracted and transfered on a computer. 

Evolution curves are directly accessible on the screen for immediate checking. The main parameters treated include : oxygen pressure, oxygen concentration, CO/CO2 content, hygrometry and oxygen flow.

Remote monitoring

The central checking system is accessible off site via the Internet or Modbus/Profibus type protocole. It  can be completed with a off site monitoring transmitter, connected 24H/7 to NOVAIR remote monitoring cell in order to call for maintenance by a NOVAIR qualified technician in case of operating default (*). Learn more about our remote monitoring service.

For the healthcare facilities that are not equipped with a GTB, we provide a dedicated checking Windows software.

*) This service is available upon request, as part of a spcial contractual clause to precise your specific needs

Defaults reporting & management 

The dynamic synoptic clearly displays the default parameters or devices, and provides a record of the alarms / defaults for a complete events traceability.

Dry contacts normally closed (positive security) provide a remote defaults reporting.