Medical Oxygen Generators
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Medical oxygen generator - 95%

 High purity oxygen and advanced control features

Oxyplus Technologies Medical Oxygen Generator Premium 95%  
The Premium oxygen generators range is specifically designed to provide oxygen to healthcare facilities with ICU and OT.

Equipped with advanced control and checking features, Premium oxygen generators guarantee a highly stable oxygen concentration at 95% +/- 1%, and comply with the European Pharmacopeia requirements. 

The large range of Premium oxygen generators offers a specific answer to all kinds of healthcare facilities. 

Our technical department is available to help you identify the oxygen generator appropriate to your needs.

Main features

  • Open ended concept with one or several interconnected lines
  • Stable oxygen concentration certified up to 96%. 
  • Fully automatic process
  • Control and checking via Visio2 control system on tactile screen
  • Ergonomic design for an easy and limited maintenance 
  • Reliable, tested and controlled components for a long lasting performance

Quality & certification

  • Quality of oxygen produced is continuously controlled 
  • Generators are marked CE Medical device class IIB, according to European directive  EC93/42 related to medical devices. 
  • Compliant with standard ISO 10083 - 2006.

Premium range - Technical Specifications

Output oxygen details :
  • Oxygen : 95% +/- 1%
  • Water content : <67 ppm (dew pt.< -75°C)
  • CO : < 2 pm
  • CO2 : < 150 ppm
  • SO2 : 0 ppm
  • NOx : 0 ppm
Production pressure : 
6 bar ( 10 bar 
version available upon request)

Control :
Touch screen OXYPLUS VisiO2, with enhanced function of monitoring, including communication capabilities and continuous recording of running parameters and oxygen quality

Standards compliance :
  • EN ISO 7386-1
  • ISO 10083
  • European pharmacopeia
  • HTM 02-01
  • NFPA 99c

If your specification requires technical adjustements or options, do not hesitate to contact us