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Medical oxygen generator - 93%

The most cost-effective on-site oxygen production solution

Orlane oxygen generators are designed for all types of healthcare facilities, and in particular those providing oxygenotherapy. Orlane range is a highly competitive solution for the production of 93% +/- 3% pure oxygen with PSA technology.

Main features

  • Open ended concept with one or several interconnected lines
  • Highly competitive production cost
  • Stable oxygen concentration certified at 93% +/- 3%
  • Fully automatic process
  • Control and monitoring via an automatic digital control system
  • Ergonomic design for an easy and limited maintenance 
  • Reliable, tested and controlled components for a long lasting performance.

Oxyplus Technologies Medical Oxygen Generators Orlane 93%

   Orlane range - Technical Specifications


Output oxygen details :
  • Oxygen : 93% +/-3%
  • Water content : <67 ppm (dew pt.< -75°C)
  • CO : < 2 pm
  • CO2 : < 150 ppm
  • SO2 : 0 ppm
  • NOx : 0 ppm
Production pressure : 
4,5 to 6 bar (65 to 87 PSI)
 10 bar version available upon request

Control :
Orlane oxygen generators feature a CPU Controller, a logic controller including an ergonomic control panel and a digital screen, and allowing the automatic permutation between generators for installations including two oxygen generators. 
Main production parameters are displayed such as plant status, oxygen concentration and hour meter. The system allows the alarm management and archiving (optional) and remote alarm transfer. 

Standards compliance :
  • EN ISO 7386-1
  • ISO 10083
  • European pharmacopeia
  • HTM 02-01
  • NFPA 99c

Quality & Certifications

  • Quality of oxygen produced is continuously controlled 
  • Generators are marked CE Medical device class IIB, according to European directive  EC93/42 related to medical devices. 
  • Compliant with standard ISO 10083 - 2006


If your specifications require technical adjustements or options, do not hesitate to contact us