OXYPLUS offers a wide range of oxygen generators especially designed for hospital piping systems. Our products support the hospital needs continously in its daily work, with simple operation, little management, stable running, opening up a new dimension in safety, efficiency, quality and cost saving.

This innovative solution will ensure you :

Fully autonomy no more gas supply constraints
High security level no heavy cylinders to handle, no high pressure storage, no combustive gas in bulk, no rupture of supply chain
Cost savings the investment in an oxygen generator solution is usually recovered in less than 2 years

Several configurations can be considered. The most commons are the following:

-> 1 Oxygen generator line + 2 back-up with gaseous oxygen cylinders
An example of this configuration is shown in the picture below.

-> 2 Oxygen generator lines + 1 back-up with gaseous oxygen cylinders
One principal line, one additional line (for service, peak-flow management, ...) and gaseous oxygen cylinders for back-up.

A complete oxygen generator line is composed of 2 main elements (+ 3 optionnaly):

Compressed air unit Including air compressor, air treatment line (dryer + complete filtration) and air receiver. The compressed air unit feeds the oxygen generator with clean and dry compressed air compliant to ISO 8573-1 Class A.
Oxygen generator unit Composed of an oxygen generator and an oxygen tank pressurized at 4 to 6 bars. The oxygen generator produces the oxygen supplying directly the hospital piping systems.
Cylinders filling system Optionnaly, gaseous oxygen cylinders can be filled directly by the oxygen generator through a high pressure oxygen compressor for back-up use or/and mobile cylinders.
Oxygen booster Optionnaly, a 10 bar booster (oxygen compressor) can be used when the piping system is designed with a double stage network.

Oxygen back-up

Optionnaly, composed of gaseous oxygen cylinders used as a back-up and a pressure reducing box to supply the piping system of the hospital.

OXYPLUS generators are "Medical EC marked - Class IIb" according
to EC93/42 European Directive for Medical Devices.

OXYPLUS oxygen plants are manufactured fully compliant with ISO 10083 - 2006 version.
The oxygen quality of OXYPLUS generators is controled by an Indepedent Laboratory of Tests
agreed by the French Authorities. For more information, click here.



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