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Public Hospital of Ajaccio in Corsica
First installation of an on-site oxygen plant in a Public Hospital of Corsica, France

After the Hospitals of Bayeux, Narbonne or French Polynesia, Ajaccio Hospital joined the first hospitals in France to make the choice of oxygen production on site. Following a public tender, the supply system has been entrusted to the company NOVAIR forerunner of this technology and oxygen generator manufacturer for over twenty years. The hospital is well poised to significantly reduce its annual budget for the purchase of medical oxygen while gaining independence and security of supply.

The installation of medical oxygen generator to the Miséricorde Hospital , Annex Eugenie in Ajaccio, reflects the deployment of technological innovations in the health service on the Island of Beauty: Future solution based on the process called "PSA" , the generator produces oxygen from the surrounding air, and feeds continuously the medical gas piping network of the hospital.

Production on site, on demand, represents:

• Durable medical oxygen source and significantly cheaper

• A perfect autonomy and security of supply of medical oxygen

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