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ModulO2 : Plug and Play mobile oxygen generator

Plug and play oxygen generator : 93% - 3.8bar

Oxyplus Technologies Compact Medical Oxygen Generators ModulO2
  For healthcare facilities with little or no access to medical oxygen, Oxyplus Technologies has designed ModulO2, the most user-friendly and high performing compact oxygen generator.

ModulO2 is an all-included oxygen generator based on the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology.

Ready to be connected to power supply and functioning with ON/OFF switch on a fully automatic mode, this on-site production system is particularly easy to operate and an ideal alternative to oxygen cylinders.

It can be connected directly to an anesthesia machine & recovery ventilator through an oxygen outlet onto the front panel, or used as main oxygen supply for healthcare facilities with a small piping network.
ModulO2 is also appropriate to provide medical oxygen to several patients under


Multilingual human-machine interface including user-friendly touch screen for an easy operation and maintenance.



Cylinder filling station

A compact cylinder filling station has been specifically designed by Oxyplus Technologies to complete ModulO2 :

- filling capacity : 5,8 to 11,6 l/min

- cylinders of 5 to 20l

- filling pressure : 150 bar
(see dedicated datasheet for more details)

Innovative options such as oxygen cylinders filling system are available with ModulO2

Extract of ModulO2 range
  ModulO2 ModulO2 20
Maximum oxygen flow        10 l / min 20 l / min
Output oxygen pressure 3.8 bar 3.8 bar
Oxygen concentration 90-95% 90-95%
Power 230 V - 50Hz
230 V - 50 Hz 10A
Dimensions (l x L x h) 40x42x106 cm 40x84x106 cm
Weight 60 kg 130 kg
Sound level 58 dB(A) 59 dB(A)